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Tips on Moving a Piano

When relocating, few things seem to be more complicated than moving a piano. Not only it’s a beautiful (and expensive) musical instrument, it’s also heavy and requires careful planning and skills when moving it, particularly when it’s about to travel long distance.

Here’s the best way to proceed.

Necessary instruments and manpower

First things first: you are going to need some tools and a fair share of your friends’ help in case you’re not hiring professional movers to handle this for you.

  • ● Wrapping material;
  • ● cardboard;
  • ● dolly;
  • ● heavy-duty straps;
  • ● packing tape.

1. Wrap up the piano

Start by securing the piano lid to protect the keyboard during lifting and transportation. You can use the packing tape to do this. However, be aware that the tape can leave marks on the wooden surface. An alternative is wrapping the lid with some cardboard patches and securing them with a packing tape.

Next, wrap up the entire musical instrument using the wrapping material you sourced in advance. Pay particular attention to the corners as these can be easily damaged during transportation.

2. Prepare your space

Oftentimes, you need to clear the way out of the room as furniture can obscure it. Evaluate the door and window frames to figure out the best way to move the piano outside.

3. Lift the piano with a dolly

Now, the hardest part of the process ensues.

Assign at least two persons at both ends of the piano. Tell them not to lift it by legs as these are one of the most vulnerable parts of this musical instrument. Instead, use heavy-duty straps. Put them under the bottom of the piano so everyone can get hold of their strap.

Lift the piano, then carefully place it on the dolly and move outside.

4. Place the piano in the van

The right place for the piano is at the back wall of a truck. Secure it properly so it won’t roll on its legs when the truck will be moving. You’re done!

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